Council Composition

The Council consists of nine members: three representatives of permanent Member Societies and six representatives with a term of three years that are elected by the General Assembly. Permanent Members are delegated by the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), the German Meteorological Society (DMG) and the French Meteorological Society (Météo et Climat – SMF), which all pay an additional voluntary membership fee.

The Council elects as President an individual who is a member of one of the Member Societies, one Vice-President and a Treasurer. These three officers constitute the EMS Bureau. The appointed President will automatically become a member of the Council if that person is not already a representative. The term of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer is normally for three years. President is not eligible for re-election.

The current members of the Council are:

Earlier Members of Council

  • Ewen McCallum, representing the Royal Meteorological Society on the EMS Council 2015-2019
  • Paul Halton, representing the Iris Meteorological Society on the EMS Council 2011-2014 and 2016-2019
  • Josep Tomas i Bosch, representing the Association of Meteorological in Andorra on the EMS Council 2016-2019
  • Fritz Neuwirth, representing the Austrian Meteorological Society on the EMS Council 2015-2018
  • Svante Bodin, representing the Swedish Meteorological Society on the EMS Council 2015-2018


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