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ECMWF: Head of Production Services

Shinfield Park, Reading, UK
Closing date: 04 October 2018

Summary of the role
The Head of the Production Services Section is responsible for the production of ECMWF’s numerical weather prediction (NWP) outputs and the related service delivery activities. This role is pivotal in ensuring that the users around the world have highly reliable and timely access to ECMWF real-time products.[more]

ECMWF: Senior Site Engineer and Site Engineer (Two positions)

Initially Shinfield Park, Reading, UK, later Bologna, Italy
Closing date: 27 September 2018

Summary of the role
ECMWF is moving its Data Centre to Bologna (Italy) in 2019. In preparation, ECMWF is looking to recruit two engineers who will make up its on-site engineering team in Bologna. The construction of the data centre will start in the autumn of this year and is expected to be fully operational by the last quarter of 2020.[more]

Post-doc position in paleoclimate modelling

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Closing date: 15 September 2018

The Department of Earth Sciences invites applications for a Postdoctoral researcher in Paleoclimate modelling for a joint project with the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the VUA. This project is focused at understanding the impact of rapid warming on global ice sheet melt and the consequence for sea level rise. [more]

Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Earth Observation (or System Engineer)

University of Reading, UK
Closing date: 14 September 2018

The successful applicant will perform research on the validation and merging of water vapour observations from international satellite instruments within ESA’s Water Vapour Climate Change Initiative, with the goal to produce high-quality climate data records.[more]

The EMS Annual Report 2017 has been published

The EMS Annual Report summarises all important activities of the EMS, the Council and the committees and project teams, highlights the awards that have been presented and reports the status and financial situation of the Society.[more]

Associate professor position in offshore wind energy

University of Bergen, Norway
Closing date: 07 September 2018

There is a vacancy for an associate professor at the Geophysical Institute in offshore wind energy. The department wishes to strengthen research and education programs aimed at renewable energy and energy transformation focusing on wind energy at sea.[more]

Job vacancy in the framework of the “EVALRADIO” project

DWD, Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg (near Berlin), Germany
Closing date: 4 September 2018

The main goal of GRUAN is to provide high-quality reference observations of essential climate variables in the upper air for the purpose of climate monitoring (
In the framework of the “EVALRADIO” project, a GRUAN data product for the Vaisala RS41 radiosonde will be developed.[more]

Ph.D. position in atmospheric dynamics

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Canada
Closing date: not specified

A Ph.D. position is available for a qualified individual with a background in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, physics, or mathematics. The goal of the proposed research is to quantify the importance of different mechanisms that cause global climate model (GCM) biases and projected changes in extratropical cyclones (ETCs). [more]

ECMWF: Scientist – EPiGRAM-HS Project

Shinfield Park, Reading, UK
Closing date: 04 September 2018

In 2014, ECMWF embarked on a ten-year research programme on HPC Scalability. This programme is funded partly by ECMWF’s Member States and aims to achieve exascale numerical weather prediction capability by 2025.[more]

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