EMS Media Awards

Exchange on how to improve communication of meteorological and climatological information between developers, users, stake holders and decision makers, and to the general public has been one of the central objectives of the EMS since its foundation in 1999. To highlight outstanding examples and achievements, the following four EMS Media Awards have been established: Media Weather Forecast Award, Outreach & Communication Award, Journalistic Award, and Broadcast Meteorologist Award. The concept is currently under review.

The following awards are announced for 2023:

Previous Awardees

2015: We are Water Foundation, Spain

2014: MetOffice STEM Outreach Programme, United Kingdom

2014: Turbulence, Czech Republic

2013: Siri Kalvig, Norway

2012: Kappflygning, Norway

2012: The Irish Met Society Committee, Ireland

2011: Jean Byrne, Ireland

2011: Mountain Wave Project, Germany

2011: theWeather Club, United Kingdom

2010: Bengt Lindström, Sweden

2010: Florin Busuioc, Romania

2010: Météo Jeune Regional Meetings, France

2009: Danny Roup, Israel

2009: Károly Vissy, Hungary

2009: Rob van Dorland & the Platform Communication on Climate Change, The Netherlands

2008: Bill Giles, United Kingdom

2008: Jill Peeters, Belgium

2007: Francis Wilson, United Kingdom

2007: José Antonio Maldonado, Spain

2006: Jay Trobec, United States