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Bert Holtslag selected for Zilitinkevich Memorial Award

Bert Holtslag’s most notable contributions are related to understanding of atmosphere-land interactions, surface fluxes, and boundary layer processes, with implications to wind energy and urban meteorology. He has a large track record in research and leadership of national and international projects[more]

Eduard Fontserè Prize 2021: winner revealed

Marc Lemus-Canovas and Joan Albert Lopez-Bustins have been selected to win this prize for their paper on “Assessing internal changes in the future structure of dry–hot compound events: the case of the Pyrenees”.[more]

Europhotometeo 2022 open for submissions

EPM2022 submission closes 15 Jan 2022, 12pm (CET). We invite everyone to participate, each author can submit one digital photo, specifically related to clouds or other meteorological phenomena taken within 2020 or 2021 …[more]

SMAK joins EMS as 39th Member Society

The Sindikata Meteorologjike Aeronautike e Kosovës – SMAK (or Union of Aviation Meteorologists of Kosovo – UAMK) was founded in 2019. It consists of total 16 members, from which, 9 weather forecasters and 7 weather[more]

Call for nominations: EMS Technology Achievement Award 2022

Optional deadline for short proposals: 15 December 2021
Final Deadline for submission of full proposal: 31 January 2022
This Award is granted to individuals or corporations in recognition of technological contributions that have the potential for Europe-wide impact: instrumentation, observing systems, data management and ICT Infrastructure, information systems, …[more]

Sergej Zilitinkevich Memorial Award established

Nominations invited until 31 October 2021.
Seven organisations have jointly established this international award, to be delivered annually to a scientist who has made breakthroughs in atmospheric sciences or oceanography. Nominations for the award are openly selected within international research networks, [more]

Future Science Café

In the collaborative EMS2021 Future Science Café, inspired by the rapid developments in remote collaboration forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, we reflected on the sustainability of everyday academic practices and imagined what a future world might look like.[more]

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