EMS News

Introducing the new Journal of the EMS

The EMS is excited to announce the launch of the new Journal of the EMS: JEMS is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal, publishing international research and review articles of general interest and relevance about weather, climate and related fields.[more]

EMS Webinar: Seamen records of past climate

The EMS Webinar series continues. Our speaker this time will be Ricardo García Herrera, a Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He will show how testimonies of weather and sea conditions since the early times of the sailing era were kept, how they can be converted [more]

EMS Technology Achievement Award 2024 for EMADDC

The EMADDC team has demonstrated that an opportunistic use of aircraft data can be turned into a well calibrated, rich source of upper air observations, and that, through international collaboration by EUMETNET, these can be provided as a valuable service to the aeronautical and meteorological communities.[more]

EMS Silver Medal 2024 for Sue Grimmond

Susan Grimmond, United Kingdom, will receive the EMS Silver Medal 2024 to recognize her exceptional scientific and academic career, marked by pioneering contributions to the field of urban meteorology, her leadership in the meteorological community, and the impact of her work in operations for weather and climate modelling.[more]

EMS Council meets in Reading

The EMS Council was invited to hold its 52nd Session in Reading, the first day at ECMWF, and the second day at the headquarters of the Royal Meteorological Society. This was the first session under the leadership of EMS President Liz Bentley.[more]

The winner of the EPM2024 is ….

Majid Khaleghi Moghaddam with “Khalkhal”: This cloud form is altocumulus type 4 and indicates strong wind blowing in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Find out about the run-ups and the public favourite[more]

Looking back at the EMS2023

The Media and Communication Committee has created a short video with a short recap of EMS 2023, which took place 3-8 September 2023 in Bratislava. Included are a few interviews with conference participants, that were[more]

EMS Webinar: The Geomagnetic Storm: Beauty and the Beast

The EMS Webinar series continues with a special edition about Aurora Borealis. Our first speaker, Árpád Kis, a geophysicist and space scientist, will cover all the fundamental aspects of a geomagnetic storm and its impact on the Earth environment. Hanneke Luijting, a meteorologist and sustainability advisor to the government, from the Netherlands, will provide insights in how to capture Aurora Borealis in photography.[more]

TFTAYS 2024: Application until 18 April

The Tromp Foundation Travel Award  to Young Scientists (TFTAYS) is an award specifically for presentations in the field of biometeorology. The award consists of a waiver for the registration fee and financial support of €500[more]