Tromp foundation travel award to young scientists (TFTAYS)

The Tromp Foundation established the Tromp foundation travel award to young scientists (TFTAYS) in 2016, with the aim to support scientists who present papers in the area of biometeorology at EMS Annual Meetings.

In 2020 the awards were intended to support participation in the EMS Annual Meeting that was due to be held  7-11 September 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia. In view of all uncertainties concerning the spread of COVID-19, travelling limitations, social distancing, etc., the EMS Council has decided to cancel the EMS Annual Meeting due to convene on 7-11 September 2020 in Bratislava. There will be no online conference either, thus no TFTAYS can be given 2020.

TFTAYS 2020: Call for applications

Due to the uncertainty with the impacts of COVID-19, the EMS2020 will be cancelled. Thus no TFTAYS are given in 2020.

The EMS and the Tromp Foundation invite applications for the Tromp foundation travel award to young scientists (TFTAYS) to support the participation of young scientists at the EMS Annual Meeting – European Conference for Applications of Meteorology and Climatology, 7-11 September 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia. These awards are funded by the Tromp Foundation, the legacy of Solco W. Tromp.

This award is specifically for presentations in the area of biometeorology.

The award consists of financial support for travel expenditures of 500€ and registration at the conference.


Young scientists under 35 years of age on the first of January 2020 working and/or studying in a European country are eligible for an award. All countries with an EMS Member Society or included in the WMO RA VI region are considered as European. An overview of EMS Member Societies is available here.

This award is specifically for presentations in the area of biometeorology. Presentations in sessions Atmospheric effects on humans, Phenology, Agrometeorology, Urban climate, Air pollution and Adaptation are treated with high priority; presentations in other related sessions could be considered as well, but the decision on eligibility is to the selection committee.

Application procedure

To apply the following procedures have to be followed:

(1) Submit your abstract for the EMS Annual Meeting before 19May 2019.

Guidelines are available at the folowing link:

(2) Within the abstract submission tool, please tick that you would like to apply for the TFTAYS support scheme.

(3) Within the abstract submission tool, upload the following application details (in one pdf-file):

  • a short curriculum vitae of the candidate including an e-mail contact;
    please include a list of your most important publications and distinguish between peer-reviewed and other publications,
  • a document that proofs the age of the candidate, and
  • an estimate of your travel-related costs.

The applicant must be the presenting author of the submitted contribution. Note that award applicants have to pay Abstract Processing Fees at the time of submitting the abstract.

Applicants will be notified on the results of the selection process and will have to confirm their abstract and participation within the abstract handling system.

Any inquiries about the Tromp foundation travel award to young scientists (TFTAYS) can be sent to
ems-tromp-award  ( at ) emetsoc (.) org.


Please note that due to uncertainty with the impacts of COVID-19, the EMS2020 may be held online, thus no travel funds paid. Details will be made public once a decision on the planning for the conference has been taken by the EMS.

A certificate will be presented to the awardees at the EMS Annual Meeting in Bratislava. The award recipients are expected to provide a report on the conference. The award prize of 500€ is transferred to their bank account after receipt of the report.
The awardees will be receive a code to register for the conference.

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