EMS Silver Medal

The EMS Silver Medal was established in 2008 to highlight distinguished contributions to the development of meteorology in Europe. The Award is presented annually.

Candidates for the EMS Silver Medal can be nominated by EMS Member Societies and Associate Members, EMS Committees and Project Teams through their respective chairs, and EMS Council representatives. The EMS Awards Committee, consisting of senior members of meteorological institutions in Europe, makes recommendations to the EMS Council for a final decision.

The Award consists of the Silver Medal and a certificate. The awardee is invited to give a Silver Medal Lecture the EMS Annual Meeting.

Silver Medal 2020

The call for nominations 2020 is closed; the recipient of the Silver Medal will be announced shortly.

Silver Medal 2019

Gerald Fleming (photo private)
Gerald Fleming (photo private)

Gerald Fleming, Ireland, was selected to receive the EMS Silver Medal 2019. This award recognises his outstanding contribution to the communication of meteorological information through enhancing the public understanding of meteorological services and issues, and strengthening and fostering expertise in broadcast meteorology.

The award was presented at the EMS Annual Meeting 2019 in September in Copenhagen. Gerald Fleming gave the Silver Medal Lecture:
From Cardboard Charts to Climate Change – Four Decades of Challenges in Communicating Weather Information.
The laudation was given by Haleh Kootval, Consulting specialist in meteorology and service delivery at the World Bank and former Chief of the Public Weather Services (PWS) Programme of WMO.


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