EMS Silver Medal

The EMS Silver Medal was established in 2008 to highlight distinguished contributions to the development of meteorology in Europe. The Award is presented annually.

Candidates for the EMS Silver Medal can be nominated by EMS Member Societies and Associate Members, EMS Committees and Project Teams through their respective chairs, and EMS Council representatives. The EMS Awards Committee, consisting of senior members of meteorological institutions in Europe, makes recommendations to the EMS Council for a final decision.

NEW: The EMS Council in March 2022 agreed the additional new condition for future nominations: “Nominations of female candidates are accepted in uneven years, nominations of male candidates in even years.”
As the rule to forward unsuccessful nominations from one year to the next will remain in place, this new regulation does not imply that male and female Silver Medallists will alternate; the alternating years only refer to nominations in specific years.
The call for the 2023 Silver Medal will be issued in autumn 2022 and invite nominations of female candidates, nomination of male candidates will then be called for the 2024 Silver Medal.

The Award consists of the Silver Medal and a certificate. The awardee is invited to give a Silver Medal Lecture the EMS Annual Meeting.

Call for nominations 2022 is closed. The Silver Medallist will be announced shortly.

EMS Silver Medal 2021

Erik Lundtang Petersen, Denmark, was selected to receive the EMS Silver Medal 2021. This award recognises his outstanding scientific contribution to wind energy meteorology and leading role in the creation of the European Wind Atlas.

The Silver Medal Lecture “Wind Energy Meteorology for Sustainable Development” by the Laureate was given in September 2021 at the virtual EMS Annual Meeting.


Awards Ceremony 2020

Awards Ceremony 2020

Terms and conditions EMS Silver Medal (revised 2022)

Last revised: 30 March 2022

Name of the Award

The EMS Silver Medal

Eligibility and Decision Process

The EMS Silver Medal is presented annually to a person who has made distinguished contributions to the development of meteorology in Europe.

Criteria used in the evaluation of the nominated candidates are given below. All three are important in the evaluation process:

  • Service to the European meteorological community (i.e. academic activity, leadership in relevant national and international organisations, serving as editor of relevant regular publications such as journals etc.)
  • Outstanding contributions to increase and enhance the public understanding of relevant meteorological aspects and issues (i.e. communications on climate issues, publication of relevant books addressing wider circles of our society, activity on the media, organisation and steering of educational and training projects, etc.)
  • Scientific contributions to meteorology and related fields (i.e. scientific achievements with international recognition, relevant publications, scientific leadership and management, etc.)


Candidates may be proposed to the Awards Committee by

  • EMS Member Societies,
  • EMS Associate Members,
  • EMS Committees and Project Teams, or
  • EMS Council members.

Nominations of female candidates are accepted in uneven years, nominations of male candidates in even years.

Nominations must be written in the English language and submitted electronically as pdf-file(s). Any nomination has to include:

  • A Curriculum Vitae of the nominee, including contact details. Please restrict a publication list to two pages with the most relevant publications highlighted.
  • A statement that explains the achievements and contributions of the nominee to the development of meteorology in Europe, addressing all three criteria detailed above.
  • Two support letters by relevant experts in the field (more than 2 are not accepted), also addressing all three criteria.
  • A proposal for a citation of 30 words or less (condensed summary of the achievements to be used for the announcement of the recipient).

Forwarding of non-selected nominations

The EMS Council approved at its Session in September 2015 that nominations that were not selected for the Award can be forwarded once to be considered again for the award in the following year.

Recommendation and selection process

The Awards Committee develops recommendations of one or more candidates for the EMS Silver Medal for the EMS Council. The EMS Council approves a candidate at its spring meeting each year.


The Laureate receives a medal that is presented during the EMS Annual Meeting. Travel expenses of the Laureate to attend the EMS Annual Meeting will be covered by the EMS (Awards budget). The Laureate is invited to give a “Silver Medal Lecture”.