Welcome to the Europhotometeo 2024!

The European Meteorological Society announces the photography competition Europhotometeo 2024 (EPM2024).

The Europhotometeo 2024 competition is administered by the EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME). It is hosted on, and the associated privacy policy applies. In addition, please note the Terms & conditions in relation to the competition as described below. By submitting an entry the authors agree to and accept the rules listed under these Terms & conditions.

We thank all the authors who submitted their work!
The photos selected for the gallery are now available, however public voting is closed. Results of Jury voting will then be published in early April. For more details consult the Terms & conditions.
Should any questions arise please contact epm2024 (at) emetsoc (.) org.


The application deadline for the Europhotometeo 2024 was on 24/07/2023 1:59 pm.