Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award is granted to individuals in recognition of important contributions to the European Meteorological Society over a period of several years.

The award was launched in 2015, and is normally awarded biennially in the form of a certificate presented to the recipient during the award ceremony of the EMS Annual Meeting.

The EMS Bureau, representatives on the EMS Council, all EMS committees, teams and boards via the respective chairs, and the EMS Executive Secretary are eligible to make proposals.
The EMS Bureau makes a recommendation, with the final decision being taken by Council.

Fritz Neuwirth: Recipient EMS Outstanding Contribution Award 2019
Fritz Neuwirth (photo credit T. Cegnar)

Award 2019

Fritz Neuwirt, Austria, was selected to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award 2019 for his long-term support for the EMS.

The Award was presented to him at the EMS Annual Meeting 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.