Council Meetings

EMS Council, 50th Session 28&29 March 2023, Wageningen, NL
On the screen (top left to bottom right): J.Schmetz, D.Blaauboer, T.Cegnar, B.Antonesu, G.N. Petersen, D.Schulze, P.Valova, M.Junge // Standing on the right: D. Marbouty. S.Majithia // First row, kneeling: E.Rodriguez-Camino, L.Bentley, B.Holtslag, G.-J.Steeneveld, R.Mureau, H.Schlünzen, J.Wibig.

The 50th Council Session was held as a hybrid meeting on 28 & 29 March 2023 in Wageningen, The Netherlands: C50_minutes_adopted

Also watch out for the announcements on who was selected for the Silver Medal, the Technology Achievement Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award 2023.

The next Council Session will be held as a virtual event on 29 August 2023;  the General Assembly will take place onsite in Bratislava, on 3 September 2023 (Sunday). Invitations and agenda will be distributed in early July.


Past Council Meetings – minutes