Council Meetings

The 42nd session of the EMS Council was scheduled for 24/25 March in Reading, UK. However, because of the restrictions on travel and social distancing associated with COVID-19, a video meeting was held on the afternoon of the 24th. Reducing the length of the meeting meant that the emphasis was placed on dealing with urgent matters. Other matters will be dealt with by correspondence, delegation to the Bureau (President, Vice President and Treasurer) or postponement to the September Council meeting. The minutes of this meeting are available below.

An extra-ordinary 43rd Council Session (C43) was held on 12 May 2020, as online meeting, with the main objective to decide on how to go ahead with the EMS2020.
The next regular Council Meeting (C44) in September, originally planned to take place in Bratislava on 5 and 6 September 2020, will either be held again as a virtual meeting, or – if travel is feasible – as a combined onsite/online meeting in Berlin; planned dates are at the start of the week of 7 September 2020.

Past Council Meetings – minutes


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