EMS Newsletter: “ems-message”

The European Meteorological Society’s newsletter, the ems-message, is distributed by e-mail and contains information about activities of the EMS Member organisations, upcoming meetings, award announcements and other news from the wider meteorological community.
The EMS Liaison Committee aims to publish editions every six weeks. Submissions are welcome at any time.

Submission of material for the ems-message

To submit an item for publication in the ems-message please send the text and at least one accompanying image to the following e-mail address: publications@emetsoc.org. Please include the name of the photographer if including a photograph and ensure that we have permission to publish it.
Here are a few more tips on how to prepare an item which would greatly help our editorial team:

  • Articles are generally a few paragraphs in length, and should ideally not be longer than 1500 words.
  • Providing links to relevant websites or social media channels would be much appreciated.
  • Picture size and names: if possible, we would appreciate if you could resize any photographs or picture material to a maximum size of 600×600 pixels. Please name any image files appropriately so that they are indicative of what is shown (for example “2019-education-event.jpg”).
  • Picture captions: Please include suggested captions, including the names of any people shown in photos (if applicable). We also require agreement from any people who can be recognised in the photos that they are happy to have their photograph published on EMS outreach channels.

Please don’t be put off if you can’t adhere to the above suggestions – we will work around what you provide. Thank you!

Archive: ems-messages until 2012 (pdfs)

The EMS Newsletter was established – even before the EMS was formally founded – to inform about the activities of European Meteorological Societies and facilitate contact and collaboration between them. The last printed EMS Newsletter, number nine, was published in May 2006. From 2008 to 2012 the ems-message was published as pdf-file. Access to these newsletters is provided below.

ems-messages 2008 – 2012

(some) pdfs of the printed Newsletters until 2006

The last printed EMS Newsletter, number nine, was published in May 2006. The two latest editions are accessible below:

Since, all news and information is published online in the News Room and via the electronic ems-message to speed-up dissemination of information and enhance discussion within the membership of the EMS and beyond.

Since 2006, EMS Annual Reports are also published online.


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