Interviews of the month

In this section we publish interviews with a representative (normally the President) of one of the EMS Member Societies. The interviews focus on the history of the Member Society, its achievements, challenges and future plans.
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We have also started a series of interviews with individual members of Member Societies; the first one of these was with Anca Turcu, from the Irish Meteorological Society.
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David Schultz wins EMS Tromp Award

David M Schultz, Centre for Crisis Studies and Mitigation at the University of Manchester, has been selected for his work on “Weather Patterns Associated With Pain In Chronic-Pain Sufferers. A U.K.-wide smartphone study was conducted over 15 months with 10,584 citizen scientists who suffer from chronic pain, producing the largest dataset both in duration and number of participants.[more]

Interview of the month: Kerstin Vejdemo

The new president of the Swedish Meteorological Society says the SMS aims to be a network and a place for people interested in meteorology to share knowledge and also socialize. SMS, founded in 1959, has a quarterly journal, Polarfront, and arranges five to eight open meetings or seminars every year.[more]

Interview of the month: Clemens Simmer

Clemens Simmer, DMG, talks about his concerns about decreasing numbers of students taking up meteorology and the challenges to implement effective organisational structures to achieve the goals of the society. [more]

Interview of the month: Cyprus

The President of CYMETA, Chrystalla Papachristodoulou, explains the activities of the society, talks about the expectations how EMS can support member activities and the challenge to combat climate change.[more]

Interview of the month: Nina Kukkurainen, FMI

Nina Kukkurainen, the Director of Communications at Finnish Meteorological Institute, talks about the importance of internal and external communication and the beauty of working in a field that truly has an impact on everyone.[more]

Interview of the month: Sylvain Joffre

Sylvain Joffre is the Chair of the EMS Committee on Meetings and has been involved in the planning of the EMS Annual Meetings for more than a decade. He enjoys the challenge to develop the conference to keep up with all the developments in science but especially in socio-economical applications.[more]

Interview of the Month: Romania

Interview with the President of the Romanian Met Society, Dr. Ion Sandu. EMS Liaison Committee: If you were to describe your society in one sentence, what would you say? RMS brings together professionals working in the field of meteorology and experts from other fields, who play an important role in disseminating scientific knowledge …[more]

Interview of the Month: Iceland

Interview with the President of the Icelandic Meteorological Society (Veðurfræðifélagið, VeF), Guðrún Nína Petersen

EMS LC: If you were to describe your society in one sentence, what would you say?

Guðrún Nína Petersen:  VeF is an open and inclusive society – everybody interested in weather and climate is welcome.[more]