Interviews of the month

In this section we publish interviews with a representative (normally the President) of one of the EMS Member Societies. The interviews focus on the history of the Member Society, its achievements, challenges and future plans.
Download the template for the interview here

We have also started a series of interviews with individual members of Member Societies; the first one of these was with Anca Turcu, from the Irish Meteorological Society.
Here you will find the interview template for these interviews.
If you would like to contribute to either interview type fill in this file and return to publications (at) Thank you very much!

Interview with DaMS Member Sebastian Pelt

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes, it is. I work for the Danish TV station, TV 2, where my main tasks are weather forecasting and writing weather-related articles for our website.[more]

Interview of the Month: Danish Meteorological Society

Interview with DaMS Treasurer Kristian Pagh Nielsen

EMS LC: If you were to describe your society in one sentence, what would you say?
KPN: The Danish Meteorological Society encourages meteorological understanding among anyone interested in weather, climate or meteorology in the broader sense. [more]

Interview with ACAM Member Marc Prohom Duran

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes, I’m the head of the Department of Climatology at the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC). The SMC is the official meteorological service of the Catalan Government, and it was established in 1921.[more]

Interview with HMD member Ksenija Cindrić Kalin

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes, I am working in the Climatology Department at the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ), in Zagreb. My work is primarily concerned with climate studies, particularly regarding climate change and climate extremes analysis related to droughts and floods.[more]

Interview with IMS member Anca Turcu

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes, I work in the Climate & Observations division in Met Éireann, the Irish meteorological service.

EMS LC: What society are you a member of, and since when?[more]

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