How to join

If your organisation is interested to become either a Member Society (national or regional meteorological society in Europe) or Associate Member (organisation sharing the aims of the EMS), please fill in the application form and send, together with a document detailing the status of the organisation, to the Executive Secretary.

  • Application form to apply for EMS Membership: text file| pdf

Membership Fee

Annual Membership fees for Member Societies depend on the number of their members: 2022 fees were based on 1,315€ per individual members of a Member Society, the amount is adjusted each year consistent with inflation in Europe as published by Eurostat (Harmonized Index of Consumer Prizes).
Permanent Members of Council (DMG, Météo et Climat, RMetS) pay an additional contribution of 3000€ annually.

Membership fees for Associate Members vary with the number of staff and also depend on the observer status at Council. Generally fees vary from 250€ for organisations with less than 10 employees, to 1250€ for organisations with more than 40 employees, annually. Organisations with Permanent Observer status pay higher contributions.