Web application for environmental eductation

The web application allows a student to measure environmental parameters using a smartphone, collect and analyze environmental data to determine the contribution of various factors to the formation of the climate. This approach is aimed at people of the generation Z who widely use digital technologies in their everyday lif[more]

EMS Council and General Assembly held online

The EMS Council and General Assembly met on 3 and 9 September 2020, respectively. Normally these meetings are held in conjunction with the yearly EMS conference, but due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions the Bratislava conference was cancelled. The following decisions and actions were agreed:[more]

Weather Photographer of the Year announced

The winners of this years Weather Photographer of the Year competition were reveiled on  17 October, at RMetS WeatherLive. Rudolf Sulgan’s image, Blizzard, showing Brooklyn Bridge in New York, has been announced the winner, and 17-year-old Kolesnik Stephanie Sergeevna, from Russia, with her image Frozen Life, was choosen as The Young Weather Photographer of the Year.[more]

This was the EMS DigitalMETDialogue

The first EMS online event was organised in collaboration with PRIMET and ECOMET as three webinars on highly relevant topics of the met. and climate community: Open Science, Open Data, with 165 attendees; COVID-19 and Meteorology, with 135 attendees; and Enabling the Weather Enterprise in Europe for the 21st century, with 120 attendees.[more]

ECMWF’s open data policy

From 9 October 2020, ECMWF has made hundreds of forecast charts free and accessible to all. These include medium-range, extended-range and long-range forecast charts of temperature, wind, precipitation, clouds and ocean waves. Probability-based information and[more]

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