Young German meteorologists making things happen

The youth chapter of DMG, over the last two years, has organized career fairs, standalone workshops and workshops at conferences. Another focus is the development of an international network of youth chapters from meteorological societies within the EMS. It is planned to contact the various societies …[more]

UPDATE: EMS Digital Dialogue: 8 & 9 September

The EMS will organise a one-day online event on Tuesday, 8 September 2020. Two sessions dedicated to highly-relevant issues around Open Science and Open Data, as well as connections between COVID-19 and meteorology are planned.[more]

Webinar: An Introduction to the PALM model

The PALM model system is used to study micro- and meso-scale turbulent boundary layer flows in the atmosphere and the ocean. The one week seminar gives an overview of PALM, and demonstrates how to carry out runs. The fee for participants from outside the MOSAIK/UC² project will be: €600 for commercial companies, and €300 for educational/research institutions. [more]

Applied Meteorology and Climatology Proceedings

Contributions in the Pandemic Year 2020: Despite the cancellation of the EMS Annual Meeting in 2020, it is possible to submit contributions on applied meteorology and climatology to the open access journal Advances in Science and Research. Submission is now open, and will close on 15 January 2021.[more]

EMS 2020 Media Forecast Award for Zoltán Üveges

The forecast by Zoltán Üveges, Hungary, for 18 May 2020, broadcast via YouTube, was selected for the EMS Media Weather Forecast Award 2020. Zoltán Üveges’ presentation demonstrates how probability forecasts can be communicated.[more]

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