Communicating Weather and Well-Being

Communicating Biometeorological Knowledge for Public Health

Format: Hybrid side event at the EMS2024 conference

Venue: Library room at the Historical University of Barcelona

Dates: 5 – 6 September 2024

Partners: We are delighted to collaborate with the following esteemed partners:

  • Solco W. Tromp Foundation
  • EMS Media & Communication team
  • International Society of Biometeorology
  • Slovenian Environment Agency
  • Slovenian Meteorological Society
  • World Meteorological Organization

Attendance: In-person attendance is limited to 50 participants, with priority given to approved lecturers.

Purpose: This event aims to achieve several important objectives:

  • Promote human biometeorology: We will explore the impact of thermal conditions, air pollution, pollen, adaptation to climate change, architecture, urbanistic solutions, and the impact of weather phenomena and thermal environment on productivity.
  • Network with biometeorologists: Scientists from universities, research institutes, national meteorological and hydrological services (NHMSs), private companies, and specialized societies will connect and share insights.
  • Collect users’ needs and requirements: We want to understand what information and services are essential for our community.
  • Effective communication: We’ll discuss strategies for conveying biometeorological information to the public.
  • Interdisciplinary involvement: We encourage participation from a broad range of interested scientists.
  • Identify gaps and best practices: By sharing experiences, we can identify areas for improvement and highlight successful approaches.
  • Climate change adaptation: We’ll explore strategies and activities related to climate change adaptation.

Join us in advancing biometeorology and its impact on public health! For inquiries, please email us at


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