Reading, UK

ECMWF training courses for 2020

This year ECMWF offers a new module: “A hands-on introduction to NWP”, which is aimed at making participants confident users of the OpenIFS model for carrying out their own experimentation.[more]

Toulouse, France

Improvement and calibration of clouds in models

A decision on the maintenance of the conference or its possible issue in visio or its cancellation will be made around 15 of April depending on the international situation. The organisers have postponed the abstract deadline to the 15 April and stopped the possibility of registration.[more]

Abisko and Tarfala Research Stations, Abisko National Park, Sweden

ACDC2020: “The Dynamics of the Global Water Cycle”

The goal of the summer school is to mix diverse students and lecturers with empirical and dynamical training within climate science and focus on understanding the basic principles and dynamics relating the global water cycle. [more]

Bochum, Germany

Bochum Urban Climate Summer School 2020

The summer school is primarily intended for master (ECTS available) and doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who already have basic knowledge and interest for urban climate issues. [more]

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