Soesterberg, the Netherlands

CliMathNet workshop “Mathematics of the Economy and Climate”

The workshop “Mathematics of the Economy and Climate” will be held at Kontakt der Kontinenten in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. It is a thematic workshop organized by the Universities of Sydney and Utrecht in collaboration with the Centre for Complex Systems Studies (CCSS, Utrecht) and CliMathNet.[more]

Munich, Germany

Summer School – Multiscale Phenomena in Geometry and Dynamics

The summer school Multiscale Phenomena in Geometry and Dynamics at the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University Munich is aimed at Master’s students, PhD students and postdocs whose interests are related to the topics of multiscale methods for ordinary and/or partial differential equations.[more]

Boulder, USA

CLIVAR Large Ensembles Workshop

The US-CLIVAR Working Group on Large Ensembles summer workshop on “Fostering the usage of large initial-condition ensembles with Earth System Models[more]

Bad Gandersheim, Germany

27th Course in Econometric Climate Time Series Analysis

This Course in Econometric Climate Time Series Analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of MSc students, PhD students and postdocs, who wish to learn about an important combination of disciplines (climate change, economics, and time series analysis),[more]

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School (BUCSS) 2019

The Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School (BUCSS) 2019 aims to provide structured information and skill-building capabilities related to urban climate monitoring, modelling, ecology and bio-meteorology, [more]


2019 Swiss Climate Summer School

The 18th International Swiss Climate Summer School focuses on the theme «Carbon and climate in the Paris world: getting out of the fossil fuel carbon budget crunch».[more]

Bad Aibling, Germany

Earth System Modelling Summer School

The summer school is directed towards early career scientists and will include a combination of lectures on Earth system components, theoretical aspects, numerical modelling, data assimilation and coupling of numerical models for the Earth system. [more]

Schloss Rauischholzhausen (near Marburg), Germany

Summer School MED Agro-Food-Chain

Environmental and climate change require fundamental interdisciplinary, international research to better understand processes, to improve scenarios and reduce uncertainties and make available more and reliable data for adaptation to the new conditions, and the study of impacts and their mitigation.[more]

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