Conference Calendar


EMS Annual Meeting 2021

The event will be accessible from anywhere on the planet; the programme will consist of nearly 50 scientific sessions, including the Harry Otten Prize session, strategic and keynote lectures, networking events, including a programme for early career scientists, award ceremonies and award lectures, and many more activities.[more]

Prague, Czech Republic

7th World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium – WMESS

WMESS aims to provide a forum for discussion of the latest findings and technologies in different fields of Earth Sciences, like climatology or atmospheric sciences. Video conference presentation option will be given to participants who will not be able to travel because of their any restrictions.[more]


WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis

The WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis will be held alongside the 2021 ECMWF Annual Seminar on Observations. The overall objective the symposium is to review latest developments and address issues of common interest to data assimilation and reanalysis communities.[more]


EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference 2021

The 2021 conference will discuss online such topics as status of meteorological satellite systems and future evolutions, the impact of satellite data in nowcasting and short-range NWP (joint session with ECMWF), agrometeorology, oceanography, greenhouse gases monitoring, and evolving data services.[more]

Reykjavík, Iceland

Cryosphere 2022

Leading scientists will present latest results on changes occurring all over the planet and their impacts, which are felt at high and low latitudes, affecting the developed world, developing nations and indigeneous peoples.[more]

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