Conference Calendar


International Mountain Conference

Evaluating the responses of mountains to climate and other changes, and their resilience as social-ecological systems, requires the consideration of multiple and mutually interacting stressors. [more]

Potsdam, Germany

System-Risk Conference 2019

Theme: Flood risk: Interactions, temporal changes and system approaches.
In view of globally increasing flood losses, the assessment and management of flood risk is a substantial societal challenge and an important issue on the political agenda. [more]

Boston, USA

2019 Joint EUMETSAT/AMS/NOAA Satellite Conference

Shaping the Future Together – Providing Observations for the Coupled Earth System
2019 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference
23rd AMS Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography and Climatology Conference
2019 NOAA Satellite Users Conference[more]

Kraków, Poland

ECSS2019 – 10th European Conference on Severe Storms

The ECSS conferences, supported by the European Meteorological Society, cover all aspects of severe convective weather. The conference topics range from storm dynamics, microphysics and electrification to forecasting, nowcasting and the detection of storms by[more]

Denver, USA

AMS Annual Meeting

As the American Meteorological Society enters its 2nd century, the theme for the 2020 AMS Annual Meeting is “The AMS Past, Present and Future: Linking Information to Knowledge to Society (LINKS).” [more]

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