Jūrmala near Rīga, Latvia

5th Baltic Earth Confrence

The conference will be held in Jūrmala near Rīga, Latvia. New challenges for Earth system research in the Baltic Sea region will be presented, while some challenges will be modified and continued. An updated Baltic Earth Science Plan for the years ahead will be presented.


  1. Biogeochemistry of the Baltic Sea – Linking observations and modelling
  2. Natural hazards and extreme events
  3. Sea level dynamics, sediment dynamics, coastal processes and impacts on coasts
  4. Human impacts and their interactions
  5. Sustainable management options
  6. Analysing and modeling past and future climate changes
  7. Atmospheric teleconnections affecting the Baltic Sea region
  8. Small scale processes not yet resolved and their impact on the large scale dynamics and patterns
  9. Comparing marginal seas worldwide
  10. Philosophical aspects of Baltic Sea Earth system research