New Orleans, USA, and online

2025 AMS Annual Meeting

The AMS 105th Annual Meeting will be held 12-16 January 2025 in New Orleans, LA and online.

The Theme for 2025 is Towards a Thriving Planet: Charting the Course Across Scales.
Global environmental changes are impacting the Earth system at a host of spatio-temporal scales. From extreme weather events to chronic stressors like droughts and sea level rise, the AMS community is poised to address the impacts of weather, water and climate phenomena. The 105th Annual Meeting will address the collaborative efforts required locally, regionally, and globally to chart a future course for a more hopeful and thriving planet. This sustainable future requires enhanced resilience through robust adaptation and mitigation techniques rooted in evidence-based science, applications, and services.

This theme will serve as a platform for engagement among researchers, governments, and private industries, with a focus on training the next-generation workforce to make effective progress.

Now Accepting Session Topic Proposals
The 105th Annual Meeting is actually made up of 44 individual Conferences and Symposia—check the list to find those in your areas of interest. You can submit your Session Topic Proposal by 25 April 2024 for a session in one of the 2025 Conferences or Symposia.

Your session topic, if accepted, will become either an oral session or a poster session where multiple authors or speakers will present during the 105th Annual Meeting.

Oral sessions are usually 60–75 minutes long, consisting of presentations made by 5–6 different authors, a panel discussion, or a mix of both.
Poster sessions are usually 90 minutes long, and authors present their abstract graphically.

Abstract submisson
Please note: if you are looking to present an abstract yourself, either as a 15-minute oral presentation or a poster presentation, the abstract submission portal will open in mid-June and close on 15 August.

Please note that sessions are different from Town Hall Meetings and Agency Updates, which are more informal in nature than the technical sessions. Town Halls and Agency Updates include a wide range of topic areas and formats that do not typically fit into the traditional AMS Annual Meeting program and do not utilize PowerPoint presentations. The Town Hall Meeting submission portal will open 18 April and close 27 June.

Visit New Orleans
New Orleans is an exciting host for the 105th Annual Meeting. Experience southern hospitality, Creole cuisine, and the world-renowned music of New Orleans. Visit the historic neighborhood of the French Quarter and the vibrant Bourbon Street, and see why New Orleans was named one of the best cities in the world to visit in 2024!