Community News

Outstanding Poster Award 2019

The graphic layout of Mendy van der Vliet’s poster is outstanding: immediately one feels attracted to engage and investigate the poster even when seen from a distance. Her poster Operational agricultural applications in emerging economies based on satellite soil moisture deals with applied science.[more]

EMS Tromp Award 2019 for Diego Miralles

Diego Miralles from the University of Ghent, Belgium, receives the EMS Tromp Award 2019 for an outstanding achievement in biometeorology. The award is funded by the Solco W. Tromp foundation, together with travel awards for young scientiest to attend the EMS Annual Meeting in Copenhagen 2019.[more]

Amanda Ruggeri wins EMS Journalist Award 2019

Amanda Ruggeri, Editor, London Features and Editor, BBC Future, receives the Journalist Award for her article “Miami’s fight against rising seas” in which she addresses the important issue of the impacts of climate change. She covers various aspects of the subject – environmental, social and political – while presenting different points of view …[more]

EMS TV Weather Forecast Award for Karsten Schwanke, Germany

The forecast by Karsten Schwanke, broadcast on the ARD Weather Show on 16 February 2019, was selected for the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2019. The presentation is an excellent example of how to link a weather forecast with explaining meteorological phenomena.[more]

Open Consultative Platform organised by WMO

A High-Level Round Table on “Partnership and Innovation for the Next Generation of Weather and Climate Intelligence” marked the launch of the Open Consultative Platform (OCP) with the main objective to foster cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and long-term approaches in identifying and addressing collaboratively the grand challenges facing the global weather enterprise ….[more]

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