Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA

Symposium on Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate

The main objective of this symposium is to foster communication among scientists, social scientists, engineers, and practitioners in order to increase understanding of and better ways to deal with tropical cyclone risks.

Other elements of TC risk to be discussed include: Exposure of lives/properties/livelihoods/environments to tropical cyclones; Their vulnerabilities to damage, injury/death, disruption; Economic/environmental/financial/social impacts; The building of resilience against TC risk.

This Symposium differs from a traditional conference in that there is greater time allocated for each speaker to present and have Q and A in order to obtain greater depth to the discussion and there is a greater emphasis on networking to bring participants together for future collaborations. Participants interact together during the course of the symposium in one meeting room and have further discussions over daily organized group lunches and welcome and farewell dinners.