ems-message December 2017

This section collects all the news items published for the ems-message in December 2017. The first post below contains the message from the Liaison Committee to the readership

ems-message December 2017

Hello everyone,

Here is the December edition of the EMS newsletter, compiled by the newly formed EMS Liaison Committee. We are grateful to everyone who filled in our communications and networking survey and look forward[more]

Launch of Tom Keane Lecture Series

During this year’s EMS conference in Dublin, an outreach event was organised to promote agricultural meteorology and to remember Tom Keane, an influential contributor to this field both in Ireland and abroad.[more]

The invention of the ceilometer

This artícle by Kristian Pagh Nielsen was first published Vejret 153, the Meteorological Magazine of the Danish Meteorological Society. The article below is a shortened version.

Who invented the ceilometer?

Before the invention of the laser, ceilometers utilized beams of light from projectors. [more]

Profile of the Icelandic Meteorological Society

The purpose of the Icelandic Meteorological Society, or Veðurfræðifélagið, is to improve and deepen the knowledge of meteorology and related fields in Iceland. The society is open to all with a genuine interest in the subject.[more]