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EMS Annual Meeting 2021 goes virtual

The EMS is announcing that its Annual Meeting 2021, planned to be held in Barcelona, will instead take place entirely online. Taking into account the uncertainty about the pandemic situation into late summer, the EMS Council took the decision to move the meeting online to provide clarity at this stage. The meeting dates are kept to the planned week of 6 to 10 September, parallel sessions will be basically the same as at the physical meeting[more]

MeteoIQ joins the EMS as 31st Associate Member

Dennis Schulze, Managing Director of MeteoIQ is excited about the organization becoming Associate Member of EMS: “The global weather enterprise can only flourish when all stakeholders – private, public and academic – have an open dialogue. The EMS offers an excellent platform for this and we as MeteoIQ are very happy to be part of that …[more]

Call for first use cases: AI for NDM

The newly established Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management aims at building a community of experts and stakeholders to explore current practices and untapped potential in the use of AI to support data, modelling, or communication of natural disaster. First uses cases will be selected at meetings 15-17 March.[more]

Aaron Barbosa joins EMS

Aaron Barbosa Dantas re-joined the EMS as Media Assistant. His main role is elaborating and creating digital outreach materials over Social Media and for the EMS website. He has a keen interest in helping to promote the EMS around Europe and improve communication with the community.[more]

AI for Natural Disaster Management

A Focus Group on Artificail Intelligence for Natural Disaster Management (FG-AI4NDM) has been lauched under the auspices of ITU/WMO/UNEP. The focus group is building a community of experts and stakeholders to explore current practices (and untapped potential) in the use of AI to support[more]

New members on the EMS Committees

Young scientists have volunteered to work on the EMS Committee on Meetings, and the TAA committee has a new chair. We welcome Carola Detring, Peter Kalverla and Victoria Sinclair on the CoM and Robert Mureau as the new head of the TAA committee.[more]

ICAM2021 postponed – virtual event foreseen

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the 36th ICAM has to be postponed. The organisers ask the community to keep 7 to 11 June 2021 marked in their calendars: They plan to use this week to organise a shorter online meeting to exchange views and ideas.[more]

Publication: Weather and climate information supporting sustainable development goals

Owing to a lack of understanding, and data being unavailable, unusable or unsuitable, weather and climate information is currently underutilised in Sustainable Development Goal implementation. Improvements are essential in knowledge brokering, clarifying responsibilities, multi-institutional and multi-stakeholder governance arrangements and research on systemic risks and decisions.[more]

Web application for environmental education

The web application allows a student to measure environmental parameters using a smartphone, collect and analyze environmental data to determine the contribution of various factors to the formation of the climate. This approach is aimed at people of the generation Z who widely use digital technologies in their everyday life.[more]

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