Zornitsa Spasova

Zornitsa Spasova, Bulgaria, received the Journalistic Award 2023 for three articles on Climate change and women’s health, Global warming and working conditions, and Climate change and cosmetic industry.
Translations: Global warming and labour conditions and Climate change and Women’s Health

Zornitsa Spasova provides an in-depth and thorough review and analysis on global warming and societal impacts, with a particular focus on labour conditions world-wide and women’s health in India. Her coverage explains what climate change means for society and hence makes a point about what relevance meteorology/climatology has for people.

Zornitsa Spasova is a researcher in the field of Climate Change and Public Health and a Freelance Journalist.  She works at the National Centre of Public Health and Analyses in Sofia, involved in research projects in the field of Medical Geography, Biometeorology, Public Health, concerned with project such as:

  • NCPHA projects: Meteorological conditions and road safety; Extreme weather events in Bulgaria and public health responses; Child traumatism – international comparison; Heat waves and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality; The impact of climate change on parasitic diseases; Studying of the public opinion on climate change and its effects on human health; Weather, climate and mental health;
  • Participation in developing the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan;
  • National Program on Environment and Reducing the Risk of Natural Disasters, 2018-23;
  • Project for Sofia municipality – “Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate 2021-2030” under the Global Covenant of Mayors, 2019-2021;
  • Organizational work on Lancet Cowntdown on Climate Change and Health in Bulgaria; and
  • COST Action CA19101 DE-PASS Determinants of Physical Activities in Settings, 2024.

She is an author for Climateka.bg, an information platform launched in 2020, about climate change and its cause and effects in Bulgaria. Climateka creates authored popular science articles to raise awareness about climate change in the general public. To sustain this, Climateka is working closely with two key groups: scientists and experts; media and journalists.  She is also teaching post-graduating courses on Climate change and human health. More info can be found at https://www.climateka.bg/author/zornitsa-spasova/