Bob Riddaway

Bob Riddaway, past President 2017-22020

Bob Riddaway was the President of the EMS from September 2017 to 10 September 2020.

He has been a member of the Editorial Board (the predecessor of the Liaison Committee) since its establishment in 2008 and also chaired it until September 2017. Bob has represented the Royal Meteorological Society on the EMS Council from 2008 to 2015.

Bob is still continuing to lead the work on finalising the new strategic plan of the EMS and the regular publication of the ems-message.

At the last General Assembly that was chaired by Bob Riddaway as President of the EMS on 09 September 2020:

On behalf of the EMS Members, the Vice-President Dominique Marbouty expressed the gratitude for Bob’s relentless work and efforts to further develop the EMS activities and most of all put in place a strategy that clearly identifies the priorities.

Dominique highlighted a few of Bob’s outstanding characteristics; to mention two: His conviction that it is important to involve everybody in the discussions and work to achieve the best for the development of the EMS, and as a chair to always careful to summarize the discussions and show a way forward. Thank you Bob, in the name of all!

Bob Riddaway thanked the members of Council for their commitment to the EMS during his period of office. He also expressed his appreciation of the work of the committees/teams and the outstanding leadership provided by their chairs – it is the committees/teams that make things happen and provide benefits to the EMS membership and the meteorological community. In addition, he drew attention to the important role played by the Bureau in providing support and advice to the Secretariat. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the Secretariat for the outstanding contribution it makes to the running and development of the EMS. In particular, he indicated that working in partnership with the Executive Secretary has been a great pleasure both professionally and personally.