Shanti Majithia

Shanti is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Royal Meteorological Society with an extensive career in the energy industry and climate change adaptation. As the Head of Forecasting at UK National Grid he had the additional responsibility for delivering a climate adaptation policy to manage the company’s infrastructure risk.

Shanti was instrumental in bringing together the major UK energy companies to generate a ground-breaking study on climate change working with UK meteorologists. The project set out to establish the effect climate change would have on the energy industry infrastructure and business, with a view to translating the climate science for practical business application.

He was a key stakeholder for a number of years, worked closely with a range of government agencies and has been an active contributor to numerous research papers over the last 30 years – most recent work includes a chapter in the publication of a book on Weather Matters for Energy by Alberto Troccoli et al in 2011, published by Springer.

He formed an independent Energy Advisory company in 2011 providing linkages of climate science to Energy companies.

Shanti has been an active volunteer for the UK Royal Meteorological Society for many years. He is currently General Secretary of Society.