Poster presentations

Since 2009 the EMS has been highlighting high-quality poster presentations at the EMS Annual Meetings through an Outstanding Poster Award.

This site is a compilation of the selected posters, including the citation on why a specific poster was selected for the award, a link to the abstract and a link to download the poster.

Highlight: Award Poster at the EMS 2019

Mendy van der Vliet, VanderSat B.V., Haarlem, Netherlands,has been selected to receive the Outstanding Poster Award 2019 for her poster

Operational agricultural applications in emerging economies based on satellite soil moisture.

The work was carried out in collaboration with her co-workers , Céline Nobel, Amos Tabalia, Vishal Ajmera, Nadja den Besten, Calvin Earnshaw, Evert-Jan Verschuren, Richard de Jeu, and Lexy Ratering Arntz (Abstract, Poster).


The graphic layout of this poster is outstanding: immediately one feels attracted to engage and investigate the poster even when seen from a distance. The main emphasis is on African countries. The general flow in the poster is logical. The text is very clear and easy to understand.

This winning poster deals with applied science. It demonstrates the potential of high-resolution soil moisture products to agriculture services through three examples.

There is no doubt that the work presented on the poster can have a significant impact on societies, particularly in regions with less developed traditional monitoring of soil moisture.

The outstanding poster award is attributed to a poster which stands out for its clear communication. The committee pays particular attention to the design of the posters looking at attractive graphical representation, clear and concise text, and intuitive structure. The poster content was judged based on its scientific quality, potential impact of the results and the innovativeness of the approach. The competition was very close this year.

The Selection Committee consisted of following individuals:

  • Marie Doutrioux-Boucher (chair, EUMETSAT)
  • Sven-Erik Gryning (DaMS, Denmark)
  • Eigil Kaas (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Peter Kalverla (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, Winner of the OPA2018)
  • Tony Wardle (Met Office, UK)