Peter Kalverla, University of Wageningen

Poster by Peter Kaverla, selected for the Outstanding Poster Award 2018

Outstanding Poster Award at EMS2018: A North Sea climatology of anomalous wind events (abstract EMS2018-695), Peter Kalverla (1), Gert-Jan Steeneveld (1), Reinder Ronda (2), and Bert Holtslag (1), (1) Wageningen University, Meteorology and Air Quality Section, Wageningen, Netherlands, (2) Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, De Bilt, The Netherlands


This outstanding poster describes a new way to define realistic inflow fields based on weather pattern clustering to be used for the computation of energy production with off-shore wind turbines instead of idealized wind conditions. The topic is explained with a series of simple illustrations and very short texts while minimizing the use of acronyms. The fact that the method is not described in great detail was considered as a positive and innovative aspect, as it fosters the interaction with the authors. The QR-Code in the right upper corner of the poster leads to the corresponding scientific publication providing more information. The result of this work has the potential to generate a benefit to the production of wind energy and, with that, a benefit to society. This could have been emphasized a bit more in the poster with one or two additional sentences. This is a minor point, as altogether the poster shows a good balance between the science and the visualization. It was considered a good example of engaging the intended audience.