Ilari Lehtonen and his colleagues

Outstanding Poster Award at EMS2017: High-resolution projections for soil frost conditions in Finland with regard to timber harvesting and transport availability (abstract EMS2017-250), Ilari Lehtonen (1), Ari Venäläinen (1), Juha Laitila (2), Mikko Strahlendorff (1), Matti Kämäräinen (1), Juha Aalto (1), Andrea Vajda (1), Hilppa Gregow (1), and Heli Peltola (3), (1) Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland, (2) Natural Resources Institute Finland, Joensuu, Finland, (3) School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland


This poster shows a fantastic combination of a clear and concise message underpinned by sound science and good presentation. The impact of climate change on the soil and human activity is shown through an innovative approach. This highlights the importance of Earth system modelling and also adaptation that will be required due to climate change. This work is not only applicable to Finland, but more broadly to other parts of the world at similar latitudes, and contributes to the field of climate services.