J.E.J. Eyre, D.M. Hollis, M.C. Kendon, T.P. Legg, and M.J. Prior

Outstanding Poster Award at EMS&ECAC 2012: UK climate trends, as revealed by statistics for 1981-2010, J.E.J. Eyre, D.M. Hollis, M.C. Kendon, T.P. Legg, and M.J. Prior, Met Office, Hadley Centre, Exeter, United Kingdom.


The optical, pictorial appearance of the poster is unique and different from any mainstream presentation: The reader is taken step-by-step in a circular clockwise (or should we – being in the northern hemisphere – better say anticyclonic?) pattern through a well laid-out sequence of climate investigations. The scientific quality is – albeit not new in climate research – of high quality. The most recent climate trends in the U.K. are clearly presented and brought into context with long-term trends. These latter are depicted in an again creative manner as frame around the primary analysis. The results are of high value for any climate-dependent medium to long term planning issues in the U.K.

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