Jelmer Jeuring and Anders Sivle

The work by Jelmer Jeuring and Anders Sivle from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute on Impact-based warning information for ice-throw risk: A Norwegian survey presents outcomes from a survey into perceptions of the general public in Norway about ice-throw risk, perceived value of different communication tools and formats of ice-throw risk information for Norwegian wind farms:  a systematic set of recommendations regarding communication and formatting of ice throw risk warning information.


… The committee felt that in engaging with the user community to improve weather warning services and presenting a case of a specific, and dangerous, yet not well-known, societal weather hazard in a clear and visually appealing way, this poster reflected the conference theme of ‘Connecting Communities to Deliver Seamless Weather and Climate Science and Services’ extremely well. Congratulations and over the coming years we look forward to hearing more about how communication weather hazards at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute evolves.