New members on the EMS Committees

We are delighted that three young scientists have joined the important EMS Committee on Meetings: Carola Detring (Germany), Peter Kalverla (The Netherlands) and Victoria Sinclair (Finland and UK). They will bring in their specific expertise and views to further develop the Annual Meeting and make it even more inspiring for young peope and everyone else.

Ben Dieterink has resigned as chair and member of the selection committee for the Technology Achievement Award (TAA) after 5 years, having been instrumental in launching the award and increasing its recognition within the community. The President expressed appreciation of the EMS for his role in getting the award off the ground and taking the initiative in seeking ways of making it more popular and attractive.
EMS is pleased to announce that Robert Mureau (The Netherlands) has voluteered to take over as chair. Robert has been a member of this committee since the award was launched. Throughout he has been committed to promote the award more widely.

Robert Mureau started working in meteorology in 1980 at the Dutch National Weather Service KNMI. Between 1987 and 1992 he worked at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). There he helped set up the ensemble prediction  system (EPS), a system which generates 50 scenarios for future weather. He returned to KNMI in 1992 to do further work on predictability issues, this time with an emphasis on short-range forecasting. In 2000 he moved from the research environment to the operational department at KNMI where he developed practical tools for forecasters and introduced new methods. He then moved to MeteoGroup in 2009, where he became the head of the research team. He retired in the summer of 2016.

Carola Detring (photo private)Carola Detring graduated in meteorology at FU Berlin. Her master thesis was focused on statistical meteorology. In April 2019 she started working at the DWD at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg in the working group on boundary layers. Carola is engaged in the acquisition of information about wind gusts and turbulence using Doppler lidar measurements.


Peter Kalverla (photo private)Peter Kalverla  is a Research Software Engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center since September 2019. He studied Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Wageningen University, receiving a Master’s degree specializing in meteorology in 2015. Peter obtained his PhD in Energy Meteorology from the Wageningen University in 2019, his thesis was on “Characterisation of Offshore Winds for Energy Applications”.


Victoria SinclairVictoria Sinclair is an University lecturer and docent in at the University of Helsinki and is a member of the research group on Dynamical Meteorology. Her research primarily focuses on the dynamics of extra-tropical cyclones and how these weather systems will change in the future. Other topics of interest include heat waves, low-level jets, poleward moisture transport and transport of pollution and aerosol particles. In her research she uses numerical weather prediction models – OpenIFS and WRF – as well as reanalysis data sets and FLEXPART, a Lagrangian Dispersion model.






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