Peter Kalverla

Peter Kalverla (photo private)

Peter Kalverla is a Research Software Engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center since September 2019. He studied Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Wageningen University, receiving a Master’s degree specializing in Meteorology in 2015. Peter obtained his PhD in Energy Meteorology from the Wageningen University in 2019, his thesis was on “Characterisation of Offshore Winds for Energy Applications”. In his current job he collaborates with scientists to improve the quality and reusability of research software. He was also the winner of the EMS Outstanding Poster Award at the EMS2018 in Budapest.

Although Peter enjoys doing research, he feels there is much to gain from advances in digital technologies. At the eScience Center, he hopes to contribute to academic research by facilitating fair and open science.

Peter recently contributed to the EMS DigitalMETDialogue with a vlog on Sharing Code: Why it is vital & how to get started:


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