10 years of ECRA – reflecting on the past and planning for the future

Celebrating 10 years ECRA: 10 March 2020, 14:30-17:00 CET, online

Climate Research: reflecting on the past and planning for the future

ECRA webinar: 10 years of climate research
ECRA webinar: 10 years of climate research

The European Climate research community has collected knowledge in the last ten years: from modelling, better understanding climate change, mitigation to adaptation or climate services.

At ECRA they want to use the experience to see what can be expected in the future. What will climate researchers need in one or five years? How can we prepare best for COP26 or CMIP6, and how will or do planned policies support the research needed to tackle climate change – in particular: extreme events.

The next ECRA General Assembly will focus on “Extreme events under climate change – understanding, communicating, and managing the risks” and the event this year should prepare the scientific community and decision-makers already now. Much work remains to be done – let us discuss what and how.

The European Climate Research Alliance will celebrate its 10 years anniversary with this high-level event. The event is open to all, and will feature keynote presentations, panel discussion, options for interaction.

For more information and to register follow this link.



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