EMS News

Enthusiastic new board of the Spanish AME

The new board of AME, appointed last spring, has started its mandate with enthusiasm. Outreach activities have been particularly enhanced and the dissemination of news through the web page and twitter has increased significantly …[more]

High-value datasets

The EU’s Open Data Directive encourages the EU’s Member States to make as much information available for re-use as possible. It covers data held in the public sector as well as organisations funded mostly by or under the control of public authorities (e.g. meteorological institutes).[more]

IFMS meets for its sixth Global Meeting

The IFMS Meeting was held in Boston on 14 and 16 January during the 100th AMS Annual Meeting, with the main focus on discussions about the current status and proposals for the future development of the IFMS.[more]

Global Weather Enterprise meets in Boston

The Global Weather Enterprise aims to take action to provide up-to-date systems that protect life, property, and wellbeing. At a recent meeting in Boston there was a wide-ranging discussion about the key areas of the public, private and academia engagement[more]

Feedback from EMS2019 participants

Until 20 October 2019 participants could air their views on many aspects of the recent EMS Annual Meeting in Lyngby/Copenhagen in September 2019. The feedback we received is summarised in slides provided as pdf-file, video with animation or a slide show. We are grateful for all comments – praise or criticism …[more]

EMS2020: Call for sessions until 20 Dec 2019

The provisional session programme for the EMS Annual Meeting 2020 in Bratislava is online. Proposals for additional sessions can be inserted in the programme until 20 December 2019. The additional thematic focus of the meeting is Europe and droughts: Hydrometeorological processes, forecasting and preparedness.[more]

Europhotometeo 2020: Submission is open

Europhotometeo 2020: Registration and submission for the EMS photo competition is now open, with the deadline on 15 January 2020. The winning entries are determined by the votes of a jury consisting of the Presidents of all 38 EMS Member Societies. A prize is also announced for the favourite of the public voting.[more]

Jon Wieringa 1938-2019

Jon Wieringa, one of the founders of the European Meteorological Society (EMS), died on 1 November.
In 1991 Jon visited the headquarters of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in Boston to find out more about its certification programme. During the visit he discovered[more]

The way to the new strategic plan

The EMS Council is in the process of preparing a new strategic plan. As part of that process, input was sought from the representations who participated in the General Assembly that was held in Lyngby[more]

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