Two new Associate Members: Météorage and MicroStep-MIS join EMS

The EMS Council at its recent session has welcomed MicroStep-MIS, Slovakia, and  Météorage, France, as new Associate Members. With these new Member organisations, now 30 Associate Members support the activities of the EMS, with the vision to further develop a network of the entire community involved in meteorology and related fields in Europe.

MicroStep-MIS is specialised in development and manufacturing of monitoring and information systems, processing of acquired data, research and numerical modeling. The main areas covered include meteorology, aviation, hydrology and flood management, marine systems, road weather, crisis and early warning, calibration laboratory systems.

The company’s key fields of activities cover meteorology and climatology, aviation systems, road weather information systems, hydrology and flood forecasting, marine monitoring systems, radiation monitoring systems, seismology, air quality and emission monitoring, sensor calibration systems, early warning systems, and system integration.

MicroStep-MIS operates in more than 80 countries worldwide and specializes in the development and manufacture of monitoring and information systems, processing of acquired data, research and numerical modelling. Activities of the company cover the complete process of software and hardware development, delivery, on-site training, and knowledge transfer for a successful operation.


Météorage, created as a subsidiary of Météo France and Vaisala (both Associate Members of the EMS) is a French company, which operates the benchmark lightning detection network in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom).

logo meteorage

Météorage’s mission is to deliver information services, lightning risk prevention and decision-making services tailored to the issues faced by its users and applied to numerous sectors (meteorological services, industry, transportation, aviation, defense, wind turbines, networks, leisure, tourism, etc.).

Météorage also offers turnkey thunderstorm risk prevention system solutions for national meteorological services and large institutional users. Its expertise enables it to respond to the major (human, environmental, material and economic) security issues of its customers and partners.

Météorage is ISO9001 certified and Qualifoudre approved. In 2019, it was awarded the OR’NORMES Trophy by AFNOR in the category “Protecting people and/or the environment”.



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