Committee on Meetings


  • Propose to the EMS Council the programme of future conferences, including themes, location, date, partnerships and draft budgets.
  • Take a strategic view on what is required to develop the EMS Annual Meeting in order to further to serve the meteorological community.

Terms of reference for the EMS Committee on Meetings

approved by the 19th Session of the EMS Council, 28 September 2008, and revised by the 28th Session of the EMS Council, 14 March 2013.

Based upon existing series of meetings and conferences, and taking into account EMS activities and other activities from the community, the Committee on Meetings will identify meetings of interest for EMS and propose relevant involvement to the EMS Council.

In particular, the Committee on Meetings will:

  • take a strategic view on requirements for developing the EMS Annual Meeting to serve the meteorological community;
  • identify and propose to Council the themes, topics, location, date of forthcoming EMS Annual Meetings and other conferences;
  • identify and propose to Council a Programme and Science Committee for each Annual Meeting and conference;
  • recommend a suitable organisational framework.

Such conferences may be separate meetings or part of the EMS Annual Meeting, European or International. Conferences may be co-organised in Europe or outside Europe by the EMS and other Societies, national EMS Member Societies, European Geosciences Union (EGU) and American Meteorological Society (AMS) directly or through the EMS Secretariat, with the aim of avoiding overlapping and competing dates.

The Committee will have the overall responsibility for the development of individual meetings within the budget set by Council, making sure that the Programme and Science Committees work in close co-operation with the organisers. The Committee on Meetings will also have to keep its attention on practicality and feasibility aspects of EMS’ conference activities and to the business side.

The Committee will act as an information resource for the EMS community. In particular conference pages will be set up and maintained.

Rules of procedure

  • Members of the Committee on Meetings, including a chair, are designated by EMS Council for a period of three years. They shall be eligible for one or more subsequent terms.
  • The Committee on Meetings works mainly through telecommunications.
  • The Committee on Meetings shall report to the EMS Council.
  • The Committee on Meetings may propose to the EMS Council a revised set of Terms of Reference in the light of experience.


  • Development of a new concept for the session programme of the EMS Annual Meetings
  • Develop ideas for and hold workshops
  • Evaluate venue proposals for future EMS Annual Meetings
  • Develop the meetings further as a forum for the entire community
  • Brain storm on possible improvements and new impulses for the EMS conferences
  • Actively participate in all actions of the Programme and Science Committee
  • … and many more

The Committee members

Members of the Committee on Meetings, including a chair, are designated by EMS Council for a period of three years. They are eligible for one or more subsequent terms.

Earlier Members of the Committee on Meetings

  • Jaakko Nuottokari, Finland
    Committee member 2021-2023
  • Carlo Buontempo, UK/Italy
    Committee member 2019-2023
  • Carola Detring, Germany
    First Young Sientist respresentative on the committee, from 2020 to 2023
    Carola was honoured for her initiatives during that time with the EMS Outstanding Contribution Award 2023
  • Sylvain Joffre, Finland
    Committee member since the launch of the committee in 2008, and chair from 2014 to 2022
  • Renate Hagedorn, Germany
    Committee member 2013-2021
  • Gert-Jan Steeneveld, The Netherland
    Committee member 2017-2020
  • Jean-Noël Thépaut, France
    Committee member 2019
  • Saskia Willemse, Switzerland
    Committee member 2014-2018
  • Ewen McCallum, UK
    Committee member 2013-2017
  • Heleen ter Pelkwijk, The Netherland
    Committee member 2008-2014
  • Hans Richner, Switzerland
    Committee member 2008-2014
  • Horst Böttger, Germany
    Committee member and chair 2008-2014
  • Jean Pailleux, France
    Committee member 20011-2014
  • Olivia Morell, North Macedonia
    Committee member 2010-2012
  • Pierre Baüer, France
    Committee member 2008-2011
  • Zoltan Dunkel, Hungary
    Committee member 2008-2010