ems-message June 2019

This category collects all posts that were highlighted in the ems-message of June 2019

EMS Outreach & Communication Award 2019: Communicating climate change

Comunicare il cambiamento climatico, a project devoted to raise awareness for the effects and impacts of climate change in the Friuli Venezia Giuglia region, will receive the EMS Outreach and Communication Award 2019. The project approaches the topic from very different angles and is aimed at different audiences.[more]

Looking into the past to understand the future

In collaboration with the Grantham Institute, the RMets hosted a joint meeting on 3 April 2019 on a geologic epoch 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago – the Pliocene. This era was the last time carbon dioxide concentrations on Earth were as high as today.[more]

Interview of the month: Nina Kukkurainen, FMI

Nina Kukkurainen, the Director of Communications at Finnish Meteorological Institute, talks about the importance of internal and external communication and the beauty of working in a field that truly has an impact on everyone.[more]

Young Scientist Awardee: Sebastian Schemm

Sebastian Schemm receives this award for his rigorous work that has fundamentally increased our understanding of the life cycle of extratropical cyclones. In his study, he disentangles an historical «chicken or egg» question: When, during their lifetime, are extratropical cyclones attended by fronts?[more]

Gerald Fleming receives EMS Silver Medal

This award recognises Gerlad Fleming’s outstanding contribution to the communication of meteorological information through enhancing the public understanding of meteorological services and issues, and strengthening and fostering expertise in broadcast meteorology.[more]