Royal Meteorological Society’s 1st Climate Change Forum

The Royal Meteorological Society’s 1st Climate Change Forum took place at Coin Street Conference Centre, London, on the 4th June 2019. It ran under the theme “Risks and Resilience: Emerging challenges in a post Paris world”. This event brought together climate scientists from many UK centres. The buzz and positive feedback from the meeting makes us expect that it will be even more popular next year.

RMetS Climate change forum (photo credit: RMetS)
RMetS Climate change forum (photo credit: RMetS)

The interactive format of the day consisted of keynote lectures in the morning, an extended poster and networking session over lunch and interactive round table discussions in the afternoon. The event provided an excellent round-up of the latest state of science and policy for researchers, students and enthusiasts.

Speakers in the morning from government, parliament and advisory bodies explained recent challenges for the UK society and government. The poster session featured highlights in climate change research including natural, social sciences and interdisciplinary research approaches. Climate actions from the private and public sector were included as well, such  as science communication and the science-policy dialogue. This session provided an opportunity for exchanging interdisciplinary knowledge within the UK climate research community. The round table discussions in the afternoon looked at scientific challenges for future research and society.

Materials from the event can be downloaded from the RMetS website:


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