Inauguration ceremony of AfMS

In 2021, with the kind assistance of the International Forum Meteorological Society (, the Meteorological Societies in Africa have established a permanent organization called African Meteorological Society (AfMS) for their cooperation to build capacity in Africa.  Similar to the EMS, the AfMS is the association of meteorological societies from the African continent.

The AfMS aspires to organize education and training events, share resources, host conferences, and encourage science and technology collaborations to help build capacity in Africa. AfMS will pay particular attention to those aspects of meteorology which can be solved only on an Africa-wide basis or are best approached on that scale.

The newly founded African Meteorological Society (AfMS) has been registered in Addis Ababa and has recently launched an AfMS website


There will be a virtual inauguration ceremony of AfMS on Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 14:00 GMT with speakers from international organizations and representatives relating to meteorology.  If you are interested in attending this ceremony, please register on the following  zoom link


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