Harry-Otten-Prize 2023

The Harry-Otten-Prize for Innovation in meteorology was created to encourage individuals and groups to propose ideas how meteorology in a practical way can further move society forward. Meteorology can make society safer, can deliver costs savings, and improve the lives of large groups of people.

Submission for 2023 prize opened 15 September 2022

The next prize will be awarded at the EMS Annual Meeting, at this stage planned to be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, 4-8 September 2023. The winner of the competition will receive €25,000 in cash. It is also foreseen to grant €5,000 to the second and third prize. The finalists will furthermore be reimbursed for (1) travel costs to the EMS venue and (2) subsistence costs. Winners will retain full rights to their ideas.

Deadline for application/registration: 10 March 2023

For detailed information and application forms and pages please visit: https://www.harry-otten-prize.org/participation/rules.html and further links on that website.



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