Buys Ballot Medal 2023 – call for nominations

Once every five years the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) awards the Buys Ballot Medal to a scientist in recognition of their groundbreaking contributions to meteorology, particularly in the field of climate[more]

Sergej Zilitinkevich Memorial Award 2023

Nominations are accepted 01 December 2022 – 28 February 2023. Seven organisations have jointly established this international award to honour scientists having made breakthroughs in atmospheric sciences or oceanography. Nominations for the award are openly selected within international research networks, [more]

Harry-Otten-Prize 2023

The Harry-Otten-Prize for Innovation in meteorology was created to encourage individuals and groups to propose ideas how meteorology in a practical way can further move society forward. Deadline for applications: 10 March 2023[more]