This was the EMS DigitalMETDialogue

The first EMS online event was organised in collaboration with PRIMET and ECOMET as three webinars on highly relevant topics of the met. and climate community:

  • Open Science, Open Data, with 165 attendees
  • COVID-19 and Meteorology, with 135 attendees
  • Enabling the Weather Enterprise in Europe for the 21st century, with 120 attendees

For all three events the feedback was quite positive. In particular, the three topics chosen were appreciated and regarded as being highly relevant by those who participated. The downside of the events was that we were unable to arrange for a more diverse group of speakers despite our efforts. To represent the diversity of the community is a constant objective that we try to facilitate.

More information about the events is available at


The video recordings of the events on “Open Science, Open Data” and on “COVID-19 and Meteorology” are either available on YouTube or below; for the audio recording and presentations of the event on “Enabling the Weather Enterprise in Europe for the 21st century” see below.

Open Science, Open Data

  • Wilco Hazeleger – Meteorology and Climate: Ready for Open Science?
  • Peter Kalverla – Sharing Code: Why it is vital & how to get started
  • Gerhard Adrian – Developments in Data Policy


COVID-19 and Meteorology

• Jan Semenza – Cascading risks from climate change for infectious diseases in Europe
• Federico Fierli – The effect of COVID-19 lockdown on pollution: A space-based view
• Thomas Haiden – The effect of COVID-19 on weather forecasts


Enabling the Weather Enterprise in Europe for the 21st century

The audio recording of the session on the Weather Enterprise is available at: Enabling the Weather Enterprise in Europe for the 21st century. The presentations of the three speakers as pdfs are also available from the following links:



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