Europhotometeo: World’s End by Nicolai Brügger

The winners of the Europhotometeo competition 2020 have now been selected.

The first prize goes to Nicolai Brügger for his photo “World’s End”: It shows huge mammatus clouds over a small village in Bavaria before sunset. Congratulations to Nicolai!

World's End
Europhotometeo 2020 – 1st Prize: Nicolai Brügger

The second and third prize have been won by Agustin Ferreiro with “Green Sky” and Stefan Zuser with “December Morning”.

Find out about the Top Ten EPM2020 photos at Europhotometeo.

420 entries have been admitted to the competition. A pre-selection committee of volunteers from the EMS Member organisations rated all entries and following their ranking, 148 were admitted to the public gallery; the first 60 of these were included in the final rating of the Jury, consisting of the Presidents of the EMS Member Societies and the members of the EMS Council.

The favourite of the public voting is “Super Cell by the beach” by Dmitry Filatov, followed by “Galerna” by Imanol Zuaznabar Garcia.



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