EMS2020: Abstract submission deadline postponed until 19 May 2020

The EMS is announcing that the deadline to submit abstracts to the EMS2020 is postponed until 19 May 2020. The EMS Council has considered the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the EMS Annual Meeting planned this September, and in principle sees the following options:
(a) assume it will go ahead as planned,
(b) have a combined on-site and on-line meeting,
(c) have an on-line meeting or
(d) cancel the meeting.

The Council will take a decision by 15 May 2020, and inform the  community on how we will proceed with EMS2020.

For now, authors can indicate in the abstract submission tool their interest to give an online presentation in case of an online or combined on-site/on-line conference.

A detailed new timeline for the development of the session programme would then be developed once a decision has been taken. The final programme would then be expected to be uploaded by mid-July.


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