EMS TV Weather Forecast Award for Karsten Schwanke, Germany

Six video clips of TV weather forecasts were submitted for the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2019. The selection committee chose the forecast produced by Karsten Schwanke (ARD, Germany) to receive the award.


The forecast by Karsten Schwanke, broadcast on the ARD Weather Show on 16 February 2019, was selected for the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2019. The presentation is an excellent example of how to link a weather forecast with explaining meteorological phenomena.

Schwanke decided to use half of the presentation time to explain the role of humidity and cold weather evaporation over a deep snow pack. The tone he uses in conveying weather information is friendly and the explanation, with well-done simple graphics, is understandable to a wide audience. His presentation is animated and very engaging. When appropriate, he smiles at his audience during his presentation. This is an outstanding example of Best Practice.

Karsten Schwanke, Germany: EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2019
Karsten Schwanke, Germany: EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2019 (photo credit: ARD/Ralf Wilschewski)

The Awardee

Karsten Schwanke is a meteorologist, editor and weather presenter for the German network ARD since 1995. He studied meteorology at the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Hamburg, from which he received his diploma.
Karsten Schwanke is also a presenter and producer of science programmes for ARD.

Media Session and Award presentation

Karsten Schwanke’s forecast will be shown as an example of good practice during the Media Session at the EMS Annual Meeting in Copenhagen on Wednesday, 11 September 2019, where he will be present to talk about his approach and experiences.

The Award will be presented to him during this session.



The video of the forecast, broadcast in ARD Weather Show 16 February 2019


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