Open Consultative Platform organised by WMO

The EMS President was invited to participate in a High-Level Round Table on “Partnership and Innovation for the Next Generation of Weather and Climate Intelligence”. This marked the launch of the Open Consultative Platform (OCP) which aims to generate collective calls for action and provide inputs and advice to the decision-making processes of relevant organizations and stakeholders.

The main objective of the OCP is to foster cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and long-term approaches in identifying and addressing collaboratively the grand challenges facing the global weather enterprise, particularly the protection of life and property from disasters and improvement of quality of life. Contributors to the Earth-system monitoring, prediction and service provision from public, private and academic sectors, as well as NGOs, learned societies and other civil entities, are all part of the global weather enterprise.

photo credits: WMO
photo credits: WMO

More than 40 leaders from public, private and academic sectors participated in the Round Table that took place on 5 and 6 June 2019. Its aim was to consider the challenges and opportunities facing the weather enterprise. The event was hosted by the WMO Secretary-General and convened in parallel with the 18th World Meteorological Congress and the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019. After two sessions of open and constructive exchange of views and opinions, all participants endorsed the joint statement that can be found at As an annex to this statement, there are brief descriptions of the five themes that were discussed during the Round Table. These themes covered:

  • Data and more (shared) data.
  • Forecasting and forecasters.
  • Demand and supply of services
  • Capacity gap
  • Roles and responsibilities

The OCP is envisaged as an open and volunteer-based platform, with participants carrying out the following activities.

  • Proceed with formation of multi-sector drafting teams to work on collaborative position/white papers, for the major themes identified at the Round Table meeting.
  • Identify and promote good practice in public-private cooperation models in various national and international contexts.
  • Jointly develop a code of ethics to provide principles and guidance relating to ethical behaviour.
  • Inform and engage communities of practice both in WMO and at other events over the coming months and years.
  • Convene and participate in the annual OCP high-level event (next event – June 2020, during WMO Executive Council 72nd Session).

It is expected that the EMS along with its Members Societies and Associate Members will be able to make a useful contribution to achieving the objectives of the OCP and supporting the global weather enterprise.

The 2019 EMS Annual Meeting will include a session on the global weather enterprise from 1400 to 1600 on Monday 9 September. For more information go to

Bob Riddaway
EMS President


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