Call for nominations: EMS Technology Achievement Award 2022

Optional deadline for short proposals has passed.
Final Deadline for submission of full proposal: 31 January 2022

1. Objective of the award

The EMS Technology Achievement Award is granted to individuals or corporations in recognition of technological contributions associated with instrumentation and methodologies used in meteorology and related sciences (e.g. oceanography, atmospheric chemistry and hydrology) and their applications that have the potential for Europe-wide impact.
Such developments could include

  • Instrumentation,
  • Observing systems and measurements,
  • Data management and ICT Infrastructure: data acquisition, data handling, data analysis techniques, and algorithms,
  • Information systems along with technological developments underpinning forecasting methods and validation/verification techniques.

2. The Award

The EMS Technology Achievement Award is awarded in the form of a certificate presented to the recipient during the award ceremony of the EMS Annual Meeting 2022. At the moment of writing, the event is expected to take place at the University of Bonn, 5-9 September 2022.

 3. Eligibility and nomination for the award

The award is granted to individuals, groups of individuals or organisations. Organisations are understood in a broad sense, including companies, institutions, associations, international organisations and projects.
EMS Member Societies and EMS Associate Members and their respective members or staff are eligible to make nominations for the EMS Technology Achievement Award.
Individuals, groups of individuals or organisations are also eligible to submit a self-nomination for the EMS Technology Achievement Award, under the same conditions, explained in paragraph 4.

4. Nominations

Submission is encouraged in two stages:

(1) 15 December 2021, 12:00 CET: Nominators are invited to submit an outline of the proposal by 15 December 2021. The outline proposal should present the key achievements in the form of an abstract (one A4 page maximum). The Selection Committee will provide a preliminary assessment of the proposal and guidance for the full submission to the nominators at the latest by Tuesday 12 January 2021.
This preliminary stage is optional and not a pre-requisite for the submission of the full proposal.

(2) 31 January 2022, 12:00 CET: The full proposal has to be submitted by 31 January 2022 and must include the following documents:

  • A Description of key achievements, explaining the new aspects and innovation of an achievement and highlighting any significant practical achievement and experiences with the technological solution.
    Any significant papers, posters, books, patents related to the achievement or other information which explains the exclusivity of the technological solution should also be included.
  • Curriculum vitae and/or profile of the organisation, corporate body or individual, not more than three A4 pages:
    –> The Curriculum vitae (in case of an individual) should contain the background of the Nominee and an overview of career, publications and other relevant information.
    –> The profile (in case of an organisation or corporate body) should contain background information about the corporate body as well as background information about the persons or teams involved.
  • Two supporting letters up to two A4 pages. More than three letters of support will not be considered.
  • A proposal for a citation of 25 words or less.

All documents and communications must be in English. Documents must be provided digitally in pdf format.
All documentation must be submitted before the closing date to the following e-mail address:
The deadline for the submission of the full proposal for the EMS Technology Achievement Award 2020 is 31 January 2022 at 12.00 CET.

5. The selection process

A Selection Committee established by the EMS Council will evaluate the nominations and make a recommendation to the EMS Council. The final selection of an awardee is the task of the EMS Council.

Non-selected nominations will be forwarded once to be considered again for the award in the following year. The documentation provided may be updated for the next call for proposals.

6. Presentation of the Award

Following the decision of the EMS Council, the winning organisation, corporate body or individual will be informed in due time in order to take part at the awards ceremony at the EMS Annual Meeting 2022. The name of the winner will be made public to the media and in EMS publications.

More information on the Technology Achievement Award and earlier recipients


EMS Technology Achievement Award


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