SMAK joins EMS as 39th Member Society

The Sindikata Meteorologjike Aeronautike e Kosovës1 – SMAK (or Union of Aviation Meteorologists of Kosovo1 – UAMK) was founded in 2019. It consists of total 16 members, from which, 9 weather forecasters and 7 weather observers that work in the Department of Meteorology of Kosovo Air Navigation Services Agency. UAMK provides specialized briefings as well as tailored forecasts for Air Navigation Services and other users of the airspace of Kosovo such as Kosovo Forces (KFOR) for a safe and expeditious flow of air traffic.
UAMK maintains an extensive surface, radar weather observing program; and a nationwide aviation weather forecasting service.

He EMS Council accepted SMAK’s application for membership at its recent session C47 in August 2021.

Find more information about SMAK’s activities and aims.


1 All references to Kosovo in this document should be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)


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