International Organisations and Projects: Links

The Nobel Peace Prize for the IPCC

International Organisations

  • COST
  • ESA
  • ESF
  • HMEI the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industy
  • IABM International Association of Broadcast Meteorologists
  • ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
  • IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
  • IOC International Oceanographic Commission
  • IPCC
  • ISC International Science Council
  • PRIMET Association of Private Meteorological Services
  • UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
  • UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • WMO

International Projects

  • AIMES Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System
  • ACPC Aerosols, Clouds, Precipitation and Climate Initiative
  • DIVERSITAS International Programme of BioDiversity Science
  • ENSEMBLES FP6 project on ensemble prediction
  • ESEAS European Sea Level Service
  • ESSP Earth System Science Partnership
  • GCP Global Carbon Project
  • GEO Global Earth Observation
  • GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security – now COPERNICUS
  • GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
  • EuroGOOS European Global Ocean Observing System
  • eurOcean European Research Vessels Operators
  • IGBP International Geosphere Biosphere Programme
  • IHDP International Human Dimensions Programme
  • IPY International Polar Year 2007-2008
  • IYPE International Year of Planet Earth 2008
  • meteorisk alpinewide project to coordinate weather forecasts
  • PAGES Past Global Changes
  • SOLAS Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study
  • START global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training
  • WCRP World Climate Research Programme
  • THORPEX THe Observing system Research and Predictability EXperiment
  • WGCEF Working Group on Cooperation between European Forecasters

European Union


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