Aviometeorological Club of Bulgaria


Established: 1990 and re-registered in 2003
Number of members: 32
President: Paulina Valtchanova


To give opportunities for professional discussions, presentation of good practice and innovation in the field of meteorology.

The Aviometeorological Club (AMC) is a non-profit organization of volunteers, established in 1992 by people providing meteorological services for aviation. The difficult situation in the early 1990s brought together meteorological staff from different airports in Bulgaria who created a body to protect their rights. Despite the success of AMC it appeared necessary to become involved with similar international organisations. Thus AMC joined the EMS.

Recent Activities:

  • Overview 2017
  • AMC was strongly involved in the preparation of the EMS & ECAM 2015 in Sofia, offering excursions to the airport and hosting a lunch on the opening day.

Contact information:

ATSA – ATC Sofia,
1, Brussels Blvd
Sofia 1540 Sofia Airport
website : https://sites.google.com/site/aviometeoclubbg/, in Bulgarian, with google translate option